Our Current Campaigns

Through each of our campaigns, we touch lives. Our Mission is to bring comfort and solace to young patients of UHW,

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Transforming the mundane walls of the Children’s Ward at University Hospital Waterford

We are transforming the mundane walls of the children's ward with vibrant and enchanting murals, filled with a kaleidoscope of colors. We want to remove the dull, uninspiring surfaces that surround the young patients, we want every corner to burst with energy and imagination.

A whimsical mural of underwater adventures now adorns the wall of the corridor on the way to the ward, captivating the children's imaginations and transporting them to fantastical realms. The once dreary environment has been magically transformed into a place of wonder and joy, where every glance reveals a new story waiting to be explored.

These beautiful, colorful walls not only brighten the physical space but also uplift the spirits of both the young patients and their families, creating a nurturing and uplifting environment within the children's ward.
Sensory Room for the Children’s Ward at University Hospital Waterford

Sensory Room for the Children’s Ward at University Hospital Waterford

Children who are admitted to hospitals can often find the experience overwhelming and stressful. They may be scared, anxious, and unsure of what's happening to them. A sensory room can provide a safe and calming environment for children to relax, play, and explore. These rooms are designed to stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and help children cope with their hospital stay. If you're interested in helping to fundraise for a sensory room contact us today.

Where do the funds go?

Juniors for Juniors is a foundation that raise funds and directly give it to the Children’s Ward at University Hospital Waterford. When a child is admitted as a patient to hospital it is very stressful for all involved. The parents may have never put their child into another bed or been away from them at night. The child will need to feel as comfortable and safe as possible under the circumstances. Therefore, our main goal is to buy brand new comfortable and modern cots and beds for the children to give them a little bit of home from home comfort during their hospital stay